Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So it has now been 2 weeks, and i am starting to feel normal again, which is quite nice. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!! :) The last week has had its ups and downs. My jaw is still shooting forward although I have sort of gotten used to it, and i just put it back to where its supposed to be and its all fine, the pain that comes with it is less intense and it is now less frequent. Days 8,9 and 10 were all pretty good I stayed on my liquid diet although started trying some thicker liquids as the elastics began stretching and I could manage it, there was minimal pain on day 8 although i started getting a bit of pain on days 9 and 10 so I started taking the pain meds again which caused me to sleep alot, which I didn't really like. Then it was day 11 and Christmas!! I really love Christmas and more so I LOVE Christmas lunch, I don't really care for anything else on Christmas I just really love Christmas lunch with my family, sooo you can imagine how upset I was to be missing what was a particularly good christmas lunch. But my family have promised to do me a belated Christmas lunch in 2 months hahah. I spoke, laughed and ate (I was allowed to have some fish and mash potato as long as i didnt chew) more than I had in the earlier days which led to me being in a bit of discomfort and by the end of the night I was experiencing a bit of nausea, im pretty sure it was due to the liquid paracetamol the taste alone makes me feel a little sick. So I was feeling a little depressed and tierd, I kind of lost the Christmas spirit by the end of the day as I was kind of missing out on the best of christmas. I went to bed feeling pretty sorry for my self, and ontop of that I felt a little useless as my mum was worrying about me straining myself so was getting everyone else to do things. She got a little surprised on christmas eve when she saw my wrist as it is still quite bruised from the needle that they put in when I was asleep, and I can definately see why they did that when i was asleep as it looks like it would hurt.
I woke up on Boxing day, still feeling a bit down, I didn't want to get out of bed, and I didn't till about 12. although my family went out for boxing day sales and while they were out my mum asked me to set up her Ipod, and even though this sounds a little silly it made me feel some what useful, and my mood improved a little. My family came home and I continued to feel a little better, although throughout the day I had not eaten, and I was really hungry, and its strange what you eat when you are hungry, so my mum blended me some turkey and gravy, this sounded disgusting the next day and the left overs went to the dog, although at the time it was amazing. Day 13 I woke up feeling really good, my swelling was almost gone and one of my friends came to visit so that was nice. It was funny because she thought I was quite swollen, I then showed her a picture of me on the second day and she decided that I now looked reallllllyyy good haha. Now to today, today was pretty good, although I experienced a little difficulty this morning, today is the day that the orthodontist said that it would be okay to take my elastics off to eat and so on, so I decided to take them off to brush my teeth in the morning as I was dying to give them a good wash, I did this although still cant get my back molars. I had trouble getting them back on, I have two triangles on each side and the back triangle goes on the last bottom molar, and since my gums are still a little inflamed it was difficult to get it on, I then saw a little blood coming from the stitches, it was the tiniest amount but it made me freak out as I was a little shocked being 2 weeks post op. I eventually used some tweezers that I sterilized in hot water(although im not sure how efficient) but I needed two fingers but couldn't fit them in. Although I think that this freak out must have caused me to hurt my jaw a little, because I found that I couldn't open my mouth as much and that I experienced a jabbing pain in the joint when I did open it, so i couldn't really attempt to chew for dinner, and i didn't really want to push it too much, so I just kept with mash potato again. But i'll give it another go tomorrow. One thing that I didn't know would happen after surgery is that once the surgen removed some of the elastics and my jaw was a little more independent is that it would shoot forward when I sneeze, as it really cant stay where it is against the strength of the sneeze, as the muscles are still pretty weak. As for swelling that is almost gone, I'm feeling pretty normal, although there is still a bit of swelling under my chin, so i'm yet too really see what my chin is like. Today my swelling on my right side flared up a little, and this is the side that I was experiencing the pain when opening my mouth. Bruising got worse on days 8,9 and 10, although it has gone down alot, and besides two small circles on the bottom of each cheek there is no bruising. I still have numbness on half my lip an chin that hasn't really changes although I have had a burning sensation around the edges of the numbness, it feels like I have gotten really bad sunburn on this one section of my face, this has caused quite a bit of discomfort. One thing that I have started taking is Iron supplements, which also has vitamin C, the Iron was suggested by my surgeon and my mum has been making sure I take it as she was worried because I looked quite pale. I no longer really drool, the only time that I do is during my sleep, which is really annoying, I've tried sleeping on a towel but this always gets lost during my sleep. bruising late last week:
Elastic arrangment - this gets changed mid january:
You can see the swelling a little better in this picture:
Profile - still a little swollen under my chin:

Thursday, December 22, 2011


So I look truely terrible in some of these pictures and a part of that is because i was either feeling pretty crappy, or i had just woken up, or a mixture of both, so dont judge hahah :) Day 1: I had just come home from hospital, and had just tried to have something to eat.
Day 2:
Day 3: I didnt get a very good picture of this day. My lips swelled up alot this day
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:
Bruising: The surgeon said that i should expect this to get worse


Today was a busy day, i had the surgeon at 10 in the morning which meant that i had to wake up an 2 hours earlier in order to have a breakfast, which take wayyyyy too long. at the surgeons he had a look at my teeth and felt around my face to make sure it was symmetrical, he said all was good besides the considerable difference in swelling, but he said that was due to the fact that he had started in the right side meaning that that wound was open for longer. He took my elastics off and told me to open and shut my mouth and said that i now had a text book occlusion, it was the weirdest feeling having them off it was like getting braces off, and i thought to myself this is how my teeth ACTUALLY fit together on their own, it actually felt amazing. He then put the elastics back on but instead of 6 he put on 4, and he made sure that i was able to open my mouth with them on because he wants me to start introducing more soft foods to my diet, I keep getting this tension/pulling feeling in my chin, and it causes a really sharp pain, so he made sure the elastics didn't cause much pain. He then talked to me about food, how i long for food, and he said that i would usually start introducing soft foods to my diet 2 weeks after surgery but he said that since Christmas is coming up i can try some fish and mashed foods on Christmas. He also said that now that i can open my mouth a little i can try some more soft/solid things as long as i can swallow it whole. I wen t home and my jaw feels a bit weird, it keeps spontaneously moving forward which is quite painful, or ill swallow and ill get a sharp pain and then notice that my bottom teeth are in front of my top teeth. The surgeon said that people with overbites get this sometimes due to the way its done before surgery, but it still worries and pains me. I later had an appointment at the orthodontist, the surgeon said that he though the ortho would change the elastics again, but he just looked at everything and said it looked good and gave me a few packet of elastics and said that in a week could begin taking them off to eat. So i went home and made scrambled eggs as this is all i wanted on my liquid diet, and was very disappointed when i couldn't manage to eat, I just couldn't manage to keep it in my mouth properly, and it wasnt cooked right so i was i bit upset when i got more in my braces that in my stomach. My jaw kept playing up, and being tired from doing more in 1 day than i have in 6 days, coupled with my disappointing attempt to have eggs, i had a bit of a breakdown and cried for about half an hour. Anyone heading toward 7 days where they feel really good and want to do things like normal, build up to it! you are still healing and you are still recovering and although you feel normal your body is still hard at work to make new bone. You dont want to push yourself to hard and end up taking a few steps back like i did, i felt like i did on day 3 when i wanted to give up, so rest up and enjoy being able to use it as an excuse to do nothing :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Things are still going good, I took a small backward step as I keep getting a sharp pain in my right side when I attempt to open my moutt but I'll have to bring it up with the surgeon at my appointment tomorrow. but the swelling has continued to go down and the bruising continues to come up, it is very sensitive to touch and I'll sometimes forget that and cause myself a bit of pain. I had a bit of trouble sleeping at night and that's really just because I'm used to sleeping on my stomach and now I'm forced to sleep on my back, I ended up sleeping on my side but it causes aching in the morning and doesn't help the swelling. Another thing that has become a bother is drooling, at the beginning I had a very dry mouth, but now I'm more normal I find myself either drooling or stoping myself from drooling all the time! it's so annoying and gross. But all up it's going good, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and if drooling is my biggest problem right now I'm fine by that :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today things continues to look up, I didn't really experience pain today, besides the of ache here and there. I decided to try opening my mouth a little more because the surgeon said that the elastics should stretch and loosen after a few days, although this resulted in a sharp pain in my lower jaw with every attempt so I've decided not to push it and just wait for my appointment on Wednesday, but I have been able to open my mouth about 1mm. I'm still having trouble taking medication, another capsule got stuck in my teeth today which causes me to freak out and try to pry my teeth open to get it in. My swelling has continued to go down but the bruising has definately come up and has become very obvious. My neck has become very sore but I don't think it has to do directly with the surgery, I'm not really sure why I have it but I think it could be due to muscles asjusting to the new jaw position and also because I can't open my mouth so when I cough (which has been often) I have to hold back which would be causing the muscles to sieze up. two things that I have found a bit annoying and a bit gross is the drooling that I don't notice untill too late, this has only really started today, and bieng unable to brush the back of my teeth and tounge, I feel so dirty because I usually spend a good 10 minutes brushing my teeth. So all up I am feeling pretty good, and feel a sense of normality returning :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Things are starting to look up, I'm in a far better mood today than yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling a bit groggy because of the pain killers, but the pain has decreased a little and paracetamol is enough to make it bareable. Food is still an issue for me, the types of foods that I can have is restricted to soup, milkshakes, fruit purée and yogurt and it is just soo boring, it's not that I no longer like it I'm just over it, let's just say that I'm never going to be picky again!!! My swelling has decreased quite a bit, there is still quite alot but compared to what I had I feel a little more normal now. I have started getting some bruising on my lower cheeks, and although it looks horrible it is meant to be a sign of healing. One other thing I didn't think of pre surgery is how dirty the back of my teeth will feel, not bieng able to brush certain places has left me feeling pretty grotty. So I feel now like I have gotten over the hard part of the recovery and it is starting to get easier, but we'll see how things go, but I'm definately don't feel the regret and depression I was feeling earlier this week,now I'm just excited to see the final results once this swelling finally goes

Sunday, December 18, 2011


The hunger has been setting in, and to make up harder my family had a barbecue while I enjoyed soup, alll I want is something solid, I have seriously dreamt about eating something solid. The obsticle that I have been facing lately is taking my medication, my antibiotics and anti-inflammatory are in capsule form, I can just manage to get the capsules through the gap between my wide teeth, but as that gap is closing the capsules are getting more difficult to get through, and they keep getting stuck between the elastics resulting in me freaking out and my jaw gets alot of pain. This led to a small breakdown in the night where I just felt like it was getting too hard, and I just wanted to give up, although that's not really an option, so I ended up going to bed and although I woke a few times having another sook because I was soo exhausted, I eventually got the sleep I needed. I have had a weird sensation in my right side whenever I swallow, it feels like a worm wriggling, it's the weirdest sensation, so my dad called up the surgeon, I felt kind of bad for bothering him on the weekend, but he got back to me and said that the feeling was because of the swelling occuring between the muscle and jaw bone, so when I swollow I'm feeling the movement of fluid, he said that this is very normal. I also weighed myself today and I've lost 3kg (6 pounds) already, although im not too worried as I tend to loose weight quickly but put it back on just as quickly. The last few days have been pretty hard, and although my teeth alignment looks amazing I have been wondering whether its worth it, but apparrntly that's normal, so I'll just have to give myself a little longer to deal with and adjust to my new face.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I woke up today feeling much better then the day before and things were looking up, I had almost no pain beside a very small ache, and I was a little more mobile without getting dizzy. My swelling did increase this day particularly around my lip so this made eating an even greater challenge, and on top of that the want for solid chewy food kicked in and I was amazed at how much of what is on tv is food related. I took my pain killers later which double as a muscle relaxant, which made me feel better because I keep getting a wired sensation on my right side which I need to ask my surgeon about, this makes me go to sleep almost immediately. when I woke up about an hour later I was starting to develop a very chesty cough which Is making it a little difficult to breathe, I'm pretty sure that I have gotten a chest infection from someone, perfect timing right? this has kept me awake alot of the night I woke up about 5 times with coughing fits which causes pain in my jaw. It is now the morning on day 3 and I'm feeling pretty crappy with a lack of sleep so if I sound a little down its because of my lack of sleep, I'm so tierd! so anyone up for surgery make sure you keep away from sick people as it is the worst feeling in the world to be sick after jaw surgery

Friday, December 16, 2011


so i'll etarts at the begining.... I arrived at the hospital at 12:30, only to wait an hour and a half to actually get the pre op prepeperation started and it was the longest hour and a half of my life. I was eventuallu called up and taken into a room where I was asked a bunch of questions and a nurse took my blood pressure and pulse rate, she then put numbing cream on the back of my hand and the inside of my arm. She then gave me a robe to change into and I was walked to the waiting room, eventually another nurse came and I said goodbye to my mum and I was taken to another room, which is when i really started freaking out, i was almost in tears and although i thought i held it together pretty well, i'm pretty sure the surgeon could tell because my eyes where a bit red. Then the anaesthesiologist came in and placed the iv needle in, and marked where he would put another needle I can't remember what it was called but he said that it would be placed when I was asleep as it can be quite uncomfortable. I was then left for about 5 minutes and wheeled into the operating room, where I jumped onto the operating table. I was given oxygen which made me feel like the room was spinning, and I then remeber the anaesthesiologist telling me that he would be giving me the anesthetisier to which I was then asleep within minutes. The next thing I know I'm in the recovery room, and there were a few nurses around me as my pulse was racing a bit, after a while It calmed down and although I was still a little out of it I remember my mum and family friend coming in to see me and then bieng wheeled into my own room, where I spent a while sleeping, after a bit I properly woke up and I got up to go to the bathroom. My mum left at about 8 and I went back to sleep and was woken about 10:30 to have my bloods pressure and heart rate to be checked, upon waking up I was in a bit of pain and they gave me some liquid paracetamol, and I went back to sleep i then woke up at around 2, where they checked on me again, this time I was in quite abit of pain and almost all of the numbness that I was had worn off, the only part that is still numb is my bottom lip and chin. the nurse that I had got me some stronger pain killers, morphine, and that allowed me to sleep to the morning.

At 6:30am I was woken up and checked on, he checked how much morphine I had used and after that my parents turned up and kept me company. The surgeon came in to check on me, and said that the surgery had gone well, that the jaw surgery had actually taken less time then the wisdom teeth removal, he told me to try to have something to eat and came back a few hours later, I'm pretty sure that he had another surgery in this time, he then came back at about 11 and checked how I was going, he loosened the elastics a little and was a little surprised at how much swelling I had on my right side. But he said that there shouldnt bee much more swelling then what I had, he got me sone ice to help bring it down and said that I could leave when I was ready. I left about 45 minutes later. Once I got home I went to bed and had a rest, this first day was definately quite hard, I was figuring out how to talk, drink, eat and take my medication with the swelling and elastics, I still experience a bit of pain when eating and taking medication. My medication is in pill form so I have to try and force my mouth open, to fit the pills in, that causes the most pain. I contintued to use constant ice while at home and that bought my swelling down a bit and helped with the pain I was experiencing.
just a quick tip for anyone who is about to go through with this remember lip balm as your lips become quite sore and dry from the constant rubbing and lack of moisture.

sorry for the really long post, I kind of Left everything after surgery, I have been very tierd and work out, it takes alot out of you but I'm now on day 2 post op and I'm feeling much better after a good nights rest.

and sorry for spelling mistakes I'm on my phone, I'll fix it up once I get the computer in working :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


ill do a more informative post once I'm feeling more up to, but just though I would let everyone know that it went well my surgeon said the jaw surgery went great, although my wisdom teeth were more difficult taking longer than the jaw surgery and I think that is what is causing the mpet pain. my right cheek is incredibly swollen although mug left cheek is no were near as bad. my surgeon predicted that the surgery would tal1 and a half hours to 2 hours but I was awake within 1 and half so it was shorter than expected. right know my biggest problem is eating as I am banded shut but he said they would loosen within 24 hours, and also I am in quite a bit of pain but bieng at hone now makes it a little easier

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So the big day is tomorrow, and the nerves are definitely kicking in. which is really confusing since i have spent the last year counting down and being excited for the day and now i get super nervous, but i trust my surgeon so it should be all good.On Friday I got a call from the anesthetist and he told me that i actually need to be at the hospital at 12:30 and not 2, there is no eating after midnight tonight, and just gave a quick run through of everything that would happen. Today I had to go back to the orthodontist as one of the surgical hooks had become loose and he just tightened it, it was so short it kind of felt like a waste of an appointment haha. and this is the part that i have been dreading, the pre-op pictures, I really hate having m,y picture taken and i particularly hate my picture being on display. I considered not doing it but i figured that they are pretty important for caparison, so I'll do it for the sake of the blog ;)
Profile shot:

Profile shot forcing mouth closed:


X-Rays: (sorry, not the best quality)

More X-Rays, as you can see my wisdom teeth are near the surface, they are coming out tomorrow also:

So I'll update as soon as possible, although it may not be for a few days but we'll see. Wish me luck!!! and goodd luck to everyone else who is having their surgery! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So there is only 6 days left!! and i seriously cannot believe how quick it has come, I went on a holiday last week and that definitely helped get my mind off of it, although this week it is all i can think about, i feel like i need to know everything, and that i don't know enough. But i have less then a week to get on top of it ;). So this week so far has been jam packed with appointments, starting on Tuesday with X-rays which is pretty straight forward.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, and I got my surgical hooks put on. I must say they are incredibly annoying i feel like i have food in my braces and makes my mouth feel weird so i don't close my mouth properly causing me to drool quite a bit more than usual, its a bit embarrassing. My teeth are a little sore but my teeth are pretty sensitive, it just feels like they were tightened. I'm going to start using wax to hep that though.

Today i had my last pre-op appointment with my surgeon, and he just answered my questions, showed me the molds, what my bite looks like now and what it will look like after surgery. He also had a quick look at my x-rays and he said that that i would definately be getting just a lower advancement and that my chin was perfect the way it is, not needing anything done to it. these were my questions that i asked and his answered, shortened a little.

  1. I grind my teeth when i sleep, will that be a problem?
    he said that after surgery my muscles will be pretty weak, therefore it is not going to affect anything post surgery, he also said that i could be grinding my teeth due to my bad bite, my jaw my be grinding my teeth in order to get a better fit, so the surgery could also help this.
  2. what kind of diet will i have?
    I will be on a diet of liquid, puree, and mush, he suad eggs was really good for the first 2 weeks and then if all goes well i will be able to begin chewing soft things such as fish, and meats that have a lot of gravy, vegetable and so on, this is good because i may be able to eat some things on Christmas dayy :)
  3. brushing my teeth after surgery?
    he said that i should brush like normal, he will give me a bag of stuff for after surgery, he did say that i wont be able to open my mouth much which would make it difficult to brush behind my teeth, although with the diet i will be on he said that it wouldn't be much of an issue.
  4. how long will the surgery last?
    1.5 to 2 hours