Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So just quickly, it's been quite a while, i went to the orthodontist today and I asked about when i would be ready for the surgery, and he said that i would be ready just after the mid-year holidays, which is quite a bugger because bieng a year 12 in Australia means that i basically cant do anything untill after exams, which finish at the end of November. So if you cant guess i am getting my Surgery at the end of November/ begining of December!! weewww
Knowing when i will be having the surgery is reallllyy exciting for me it just makes it all real and i know that is where i am heading, even if it isn't for another 8 months, i'm sure it will flyy by.
Today in my check up he did the ussual, tightenning my braces, and then told me that i would have be having another consultation in 2 weeks, im not sure what for, and then another one in 2 weeks to put more metal bands on my molars, which should take about 40 minutes, he said that this will be done to begin preparing me for the surgery, by moving my teeth around more, im not sure how it will do much, but i guess he knows what he is doing, so we will see.

I'll keep you updated although there is still a while to go