Friday, June 15, 2012


YES the day has finally come, I am a little late, but it is here, I am now free of the hated traintracks, i am no longer a brace face or metal mouth. I now have lovely pearly whites, perfectly straight and as fine as fine can be. 
So im prettty happy with the results, who wouldnt be after 5 years 5 months, to break it down it is 65 months, over 1967 days to be exact!! that is  quarter of my life.

 I was really paranoid that I would have stains or my teeth would look slightly yellow, i went throught all the worst case scenarios, but I everything worked out perfectly. I got them taken off 2 days ago, and it was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be, it was a little uncomfortable at times but obvioursly worth it. I got my retainer today and it is not the nicest thing in the world, I havent quite figured out how to talk or anything with them but i'm sure ill get the hang of it.

I would love to go on and tell you how wonderfully amazing my teeth are, how happy I am but here are some pictures, they arent the best, but its late so ill probably put better ones on soon:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Guess who is getting their braces off in a mere 12 hours? Yes thats right it is the person whose blog you are currently reading.
It has been a while I know, but literally nothing has happened, I have been going in every second months the ortho looks at them and then sends me on my way. And then last week he said the words that I have been waiting FIVE YEARS, FOUR MONTHS, TWO WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS for him to say, "I think your ready to have your braces off, What do you think about that" I was a little shocked and just said yeah that sounds pretty good, little enthusiasm, but I was waiting for a but because so far everything has had a but. but there was no but. So 10:15 tomorrow I will be getting them off!!! and I am beyond bieng beyond excited, I just cant wait. I would love to say you dont understand how excited I am but anyone reading this probably has braces and will understand. But right now I am basking in the Glory of having no braces in 24 hours.

I will give you all an update soon enough, I am a litttle swamped with uni, exam period is a killer, But I will hopefully make the time to keep you all informed, Because I hope you are all nearly as excited for me as I am, although Im not sure that is at all possible.

So enjoy your day untill my next post where I will be BRACE FREE!! :)