Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well i haven't had any new orthodontist appointments, or anything new since my last post more than 3 weeks ago! But these new rings on my back teeth have been hurting for ages, every time i talk or eat it feels like i'm bitting my tongue because of the rubbing. And due to recent stress i can tell that i have been grinding my teeth because it is causing incredible headaches and jaw joint aches, worse than ever, my jaw feels like it is on fire
I guess that it has made me realise how much i really need the surgery, because this pain is horrible, keeping me up at night and affecting my concentration at school, i really couldn't live with that for the rest of my life. I have also been watching a few video's on youtube (i would definitely recommend watching the jaw surgery blogs on there, it helps alot) and i can live with the one or two weeks of discomfort to get rid of this pain.

ps. To my future self, when you have the surgery and are complaining about pain, bruising, swelling or anything else just remember that it is worth it and the amount of pain and discomfort i am currently in.

pps. To my future self, good luck ;)