Thursday, April 21, 2011


Soo, basically i said that i was up for two more appointments. These two appointment were:
The first one was just getting spacers, i spent about 2 hours on/waiting for public transport for literally 2 minutes where they put those little rubber bands in between your teeth, and that was last week.
Today i had the second appointment and they put more metal rings on my back teeth, and i definately forgot how terrible the glue tastes, untill now haha. And considering how many new brackets i have had put on you would think that that horrible pressure and pain it gives you would not be as bad by now, but it certainly is and its not looking like im eating much chocolate this easter.
The Ortho said that these brackets were preparing me for the surgery and that the reason that i was getting these new rings was because my back molars were not completely lined up with the rest of my teeth because i used to just have rings on my second molars.
Sorry for the rambling but it now done :)
Happy Easter