Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost 4 months post op

So it has been a little while, but I just started Uni and it is much more full on then I expected, So I haven't really had any time for anything. But here I am, i'm on Easter break so I have a bit of extra time haha.
Not much is too different right now, the swelling is pretty much all gone, I wake up with a bit in the morning, but that is because I keep sleeping on my face (I sleep on my stomach)  which I shouldn't regardless of everything that has gone on with my face. My teeth are starting to come together nicely, slowly but nicely, and my jaw is starting to relax a bit a move back a little, which is what the surgeon wants to happen, because i'm still jutting my jaw forward a bit.
I saw the surgeon about 2 weeks ago and he was very happy with everything. And I must say he really has an amazing memory, he remembered things about the course I was doing and everything and I haven't seen him in 2 months. But it is something that I really appreciate about him. He said that he didn't really need to see me anymore, and that he would just like to see me once my braces have come off.
Yesterday I saw the ortho, and he said things were moving a bit too slowly, so I now have to wear the elastic full time again. I'm not sure if I said this last time, but I was only wearing them at night, so its kind of a step backwards, I was really hoping for good news, but I guess that at least things are being done. So hopefully if things speed up I should be getting them off in a few months, although my next appointment is in June.
Im starting to feel good about the way things are looking, I have had alot of ups and downs with this, at times I have regretted the surgery because I feel like my chin is huge, and features don't look right, but I guess that comes with things being different, I'm not a big fan of change. But im slowly coming around, it helps when I see the awful side shots when im not looking haha. Im starting to finally feel confident with how things are and how I look, I think I may have sounded already pretty confident with these things in past posts, but it was really me hoping that if I said it then it would be fine.

One thing I had a bit of a laugh about today is the food that I was willing to eat straight after surgery, I ate pureed turkey, baby food, mash potato with tablespoons of salt in it. But I must say the turkey is definitely a highlight hahah. But today I was being lazy looking for a snack and found a jar of baby food that I hadnt eaten, and it was actually quite terrible, the texture, the taste, I do not know how i ate so much of it.
I am now FAR FAR FAR less picky about food now, I was so picky before the surgery, I wouldnt eat half the stuff that I am willing to eat now. Its funny what a month of soup and mash potato can do your appetite.

But an important thing to remember for everyone is that these things take time, I am 2 days off of 4 months and only now and I starting to feel actually good about it. So if you are unsure or unhappy, Give it some time because the results do not fully show for a while, even at 4 months I still have a little bit to go