Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a Date!!

Heyyy, it's been a while buttt today the date was selected, i am now booked in for surgery on the 14th of December!!Less than 5 months!! :)
I must say, that even though there is still a fair bit of time to go, I am already pretty excited and a bit nervous.
Booking the surgery date and all the pre-surgery appointments has sort of made it all real, and although i have been getting ready for this for about a year now, I haven't had anything set in concrete, having a date to count down to has really bought it all to light and i have realised that i only have 148 days left with this current, very small, and uncomfortable jaw.From reading everyone's blogs it has definitely shown me that this time will go pretty fast, so i have decided to embrace my time left with my overbite and eat all my favourite foods, and embrace my love of chewing chewy, crunchy foods, before it is taken away from me for a few months.

well since my surgery isn't for a while now, there may not be many updates for a few months, so stay tuned ;)