Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Guess who is getting their braces off in a mere 12 hours? Yes thats right it is the person whose blog you are currently reading.
It has been a while I know, but literally nothing has happened, I have been going in every second months the ortho looks at them and then sends me on my way. And then last week he said the words that I have been waiting FIVE YEARS, FOUR MONTHS, TWO WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS for him to say, "I think your ready to have your braces off, What do you think about that" I was a little shocked and just said yeah that sounds pretty good, little enthusiasm, but I was waiting for a but because so far everything has had a but. but there was no but. So 10:15 tomorrow I will be getting them off!!! and I am beyond bieng beyond excited, I just cant wait. I would love to say you dont understand how excited I am but anyone reading this probably has braces and will understand. But right now I am basking in the Glory of having no braces in 24 hours.

I will give you all an update soon enough, I am a litttle swamped with uni, exam period is a killer, But I will hopefully make the time to keep you all informed, Because I hope you are all nearly as excited for me as I am, although Im not sure that is at all possible.

So enjoy your day untill my next post where I will be BRACE FREE!! :)


  1. Yah!!! SO excited for you! Can't wait to see your beautiful brace-free smile!

  2. So pleased for you, I can't wait til I'm saying those words...feels like it will never come at the moment!!