Wednesday, January 25, 2012


And I am celebrating 2 anniversaries today , the obvious one being the big 6 weeks and I am very excited as I had an appointment with the surgeon today and got goooood news. But as for the other anniversary being the fact that I have now officially spent 5 years in braces as off today! and it is going to be the last year! :D
So today was an EXCELLENT day I saw my surgeon today and he said everything looked perfect and that he was very 'proud' and happy with how everything has gone which had made me quite happy. He did say that I had to make more of an effort to move my mouth when I spoke and to stretch my mouth more, He said that My bone will  now be almost fully healed and that the bone would not move with anything I do from now on, and guess what this means?? I am now free to eat whatever I want, he said that he actually wanted me to eat more solids in order to push the muscles to get back to normal activity.
My infection scare was for nothing as it was just some extra tissue that had formed, I was told that this was normal around the surgery site.
I told him about how my jaw went off to the side and he said that this wasnt really a worry as it only really matters when the jaws are together, as this is the only time they are functional. He also said that I unconsciously pushed my jaw forward when I closed my mouth and that the elastics were there to try and guide my jaw not to do that.
One thing that made me ecstatic is  that I actually have very little orthodontic work to be done and that I should get my braces off in the usual 3-6 months :D The only thing that needs is a correction in the shape of my jaw/ teeth. My lower teeth shape does not match my upper teeth, so on the left side the lower come outside the top, but he said that would be easy enough.
Now for the usual:
Swelling: the surgeon said that I still had a quite a bit of swelling for this stage, but it'll go over the next few months.
Pain: I sometimes get pain when I talk alot but its bearable. The surgeon said that I may experience a bit of pain when chewing and that If that happens I should put a warm wet cloth on my face and massage the muscles.
Numbness: Last week I said that It may be getting worse but I can now say that is definitely not the case. this week I experienced major changes in my numbness and I am amazed that it occurred so suddenly, now when I touch my chin it tingles like crazy and i can not tell where its being touched by the tingling. The numbness in my mouth hasn't changes but doesn't bother me as I didn't even notice It till 2 weeks ago and I still don't really notice it. 
Opening my mouth: no change
Weight: I lost weight again and i'm not down 8kg again, and I actually have no idea how because I have been eating heaps.
Chewing: I  finaly started feeling normal chewing, I can chew pasta and that sort of stuff almost normally, so I cant wait to try something more solid!!
So this week has been good, particularly today, and Things have been going well so anyone a few weeks behind me keep up good spirits as things get better :)


  1. That's great news! Regular food and not much more time for your braces either! Glad you're doing well :)

    1. It really is. i'm over the mooon :)