Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Its 7 weeks, and I'm feeling a little worn out, I think i'm coming down with the flu so its not jaw related. I have been working on moving my mouth more and I have improved greatly so i'm a bit proud of myself. I went to a party on Wednesday night and it felt really good, everyone was nice, they said I looked great so I was feeling pretty great especially on top of the appointment I had earlier that day. This also helped me get my mouth moving more normally, it was loud at times so I had to yell a bit and it is surprisingly hard to yell with little movement of my jaw, so I was sort of forced to talk normally. In the end just for people at this stage I am really glad that I did go, I was a little apprehensive at the beginning, considering not going, but I had a great night and being out made me feel normal again, and I pretty much forgot about my jaw and just had fun.
As for food, it has again become the love of my life haha, I've been eating pretty much normally, I havent gone and had a steak or an apple or anything like that but things I have missed like bread, chicken and all things good I am now enjoying again. I had a cheese burger the first night, not the healthiest thing but i thought I deserved it, I decided to satisfy the craving that I had in the first week post op, and it felt soooooo good into it normally, it was not only easier but i didnt have anything falling out of the burger and, i'm not sure why this is but, I didn't get anywhere near as much stuck in my braces. It was a good feeling and sort of gave me the realization of what this surgery has done for me, and the things that I can further look forward to.
Swelling: Same
Pain: I have had alot of muscle stiffness and the warm cloth helps and I have been getting alot of pain in my chin, but I think that is mostly nerve related. Just for anyone, the warm wet cloth feels so good in my jaw, I actually sort of look forward to using it because it just relieves any discomfort and makes my jaw feel a little more relaxed. 

Numbness: still a bit in the chin but its continuing to get better. numbness in my mouth is starting to bother me little, last week I said that it didn't but it is now, my chin is changing so rapidly now and i'm just expecting something from the rest. So i'm going to ask my surgeon next week at my appointment. I have been getting a weird sensation around the numbness on my chin where it feels like something is dribbling down my chin. 
Opening my mouth: there is no noticeable difference although with talking and chewing I am finding that opening my mouth is getting a little easier, and possibly slight wider.
Weight: remaining stable
Chewing: it is progressively getting easier, I have surprised myself with some of the things I have eaten, things I expected to be far more difficult than it was. It is still a bit of an effort to chew, so it can take a while, but I am getting back to normal so its getting better with time.
Drooling: It has strangely started to be noticable at 6 weeks, 6 WEEKS! it ridiculous, my mouth is still a bit numb and now that my muscles have relaxed a bit since moving it more over the last week, i have been drooling a bit, not alot like some people I have read, which I consider myself lucky for, but when talking or eating for a while I start to drool. 

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