Thursday, February 9, 2012


So it has been just over 8 weeks, and I saw my surgeon today. He said everything was going great and he was happy with the movement that I have achieved in the way of movement. He was so lovely, he seemed genuinely happy with the way things are going, he even said that he was really proud of me with my progress, which made me feel really good, he really is great.I am now moving my mouth more and more and my confidence with eating is improving.
Just for anyone interested otherwise skip ahead. I actually payed attention when he was explaining the healing process, I tend to get lost a bit when he explains it at times. But he explained the residual swelling that occurs after the surgery and lasts up to 6 months. basically you get blood clots after surgery and because they arent very strong they build up in large amounts, and over the months they stretch out to match the bone, and  until then the sort of gap you feel is an area of bone thinness where they slid the bone either back or forward.

But anyway, so that I don't start rambling as much as I usually would:
Swelling: I think it may have come down a tiny bit since my last appointment 2 weeks ago.
Pain: just muscle stiffness. I have had a head ache the last 2 weeks and I think that is because I have been clenching my teeth again.
Numbness: I have been getting a prickling feeling in my chin, and that I think is increased feeling. I have almost full feeling in my lip and for my chin I can feel temperature changes, but touch is still very tingly. My surgeon said for me to try move my lips more, like puckering and such, he said something about sending signals to my brain to increase the feeling to help my brain better register touch, and my nerves wont change that much. The cold feeling I talked about last week isn't occurring as often but does happen from time to time. 
Opening my mouth: opening my mouth is alot easier it is beginning to feel very natural.
Weight: same
Chewing: I am chewing almost everything, my surgeon encouraged me to try some really chewy foods, to have steak and as a bit of encouragement he told me to have some chocolate that had been in the fridge for a while, so i'll see how that goes. 
Drooling: it isnt as bad now, I think it was just the increased movement left my mouth a little confused. 
So that is all for this week, Almost 2 months!! :)

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