Thursday, January 12, 2012


It has now been 4 weeks, almost a month, and it has been a really good week. During the first few weeks I felt like I was taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, but this week I really just went forward. I attribute this mostly to my change in diet over this past week, I have been very uncreative with my food  but this week I have been trying some new things (I would like to say thanks to bracedblogger for giving me a few ideas, check out her blog if you get the chance :)) This week I ate real food, I had Sheppard pie, pasta Alfredo, lasagne, meatballs and spagetti. I have been trying to chew these foods but for anyone not allowed to chew yet I have been mostly breaking it up with my tounge. I can now see the back of my mouth and I noticed that at the back of my mouth its a splotchy red, so i'm a little concerned about that, but it isn't bothering me so i'm just going to wait and see how it goes and maybe mention it when I see my surgeon. One other concern of mine is my chin I feel like I have a really large chin, but i'm hoping that its just me having to adjust to the change, but i'll give it a few more weeks before I decide I hate it.
Swelling - Hasn't really changed I still feel a bit puffy on my right side.
Bruising - all gone
Pain - still have a little pain in my teeth but that is mostly gone, I changed my elastics on Saturday to looser elastics, so its not so tight. The pain in my jaw is mostly gone I haven't even required paracetamol in a few days.
Numbness - The numbness hasn't really changed, but my chin has been itching like crazy, and there has been a bit of tingling it freaks me out because I feel like a big is crawling on my lip. This is sort of a change but not really because I just didn't realise it before, but the other day i noticed that the gum above the incision area is all completely numb, the swelling kind of masked this. 
Opening my mouth - pretty much the same, may be able to open a little more.
Weight loss - I haven't lost too much more, my clothes are still being a bit of an annoyance.

You can see the swelling is slightly more on the left:

My right side is still numb so my smile is still a little lop sided:
 My profile again not much has changed:


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    1. So I accidently deleted your comment, and thats what you get when you use your phone. But thanks :) I am pretty happy, I'm just waiting for this last bit of swelling to go down so I can see the last results, i'm a bit impatient haha. I'll have to have a look for a front photo, I'm not the biggest fan of photos haha
      And for you, Hang in there, once things start getting better and easier, it feels goood, and it'll come soon enough. :)

  2. Lookin good! Looks like your on a similar diet as me. Lots of scrambled eggs lol. Do you have any post surgical xray pics?

    1. I am so sick of scrambled eggs, I had that like every day for 2 weeks, so it was sooo good to eat something else haha. I haven't had x-rays yet but when I do i'll definitely post them. Good luck with your recovery! :)