Wednesday, January 4, 2012


3 Weeks! and it feels good! This week has been pretty good, Thursday and Friday there wasn't much change, I felt the same as when i last posted, but I did begin to try chewing foods,mostly scrambled eggs and mash potato which turned out to be a bit of a challenge which did upset me a little, because i expected it to be something that would be really natural, which it didn't at all. Then Saturday I celebrated new years eve, I just stayed home because i was still not feeling up to doing all that much.But it was new years eve when I finally felt good, like really good, my swelling had come down enough where i actually started to look like my self and I was beginning to see the result a little better without looking like I had been in a fight. And the good thing is, I am really liking where i am heading, I now actually feel excited to see what the final results are. Then on Sunday, things continued to improve and if you didn't see my last post, I was finally able to brush behind my teeth, and it felt ohhhh sooooo good, it felt disgusting not being able to brush behind these teeth, mouthwash was not doing the trick so I was pretty excited. Monday was lovely, I was still feeling good and a went and saw my grandma, who hasn't seen me in over a week, and she was so happy to see me and kept telling me how good I was looking, So it felt nice to know that there was an obvious difference in my swelling even though i cant really see that much of a difference in the swelling. Then to Tuesday and

Today, I'm a bit puffy today, and i'm feeling really exhausted. there are a few reasons for this and that is:
1. we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave and 31 degrees(87 Fahrenheit) at midnight does not give the best conditions to sleep, so I have had 2 or 3 nights where i haven't had the best sleep.
2. Diet, now that i am actually opening my mouth to eat, I get very tired when i eat, I was telling my mum that i felt like I needed a nap after every meal, getting this tired I tend to give up mid meal and either not eating anything else or having something simple like yogurt.
 3. now that i can open my mouth a bit sometimes when i try to eat or brush my teeth I open my mouth a little too much which causes a pain through my jaw, but that is only temporary, but it does aggravate the swelling a little, not much but it does make me look a little puffier.
But im going to get an early sleep tonight and I should wake up feeling fresh and good in the morning :) Other than that everything is looking up.
Swelling - I've got about 10 - 15% left but it isn't very noticeable, It looks pretty natural. bruising - the bruising on my chin is all gone, one cheek is still slightly yellow, but you'd have to be looking to notice, and my wrist has still got a bit of bruising.
Pain - I mostly only get pain in my teeth in the mornings, I think I am still clenching my teeth in my sleep, but the elastics still hold my teeth tight together. I still get slight pain in my jaw at night, and i think that is mostly from overworking it during the day, this is bearable, one or two paracetamols makes in easier to sleep though.
Numbness - there is still the same amount of numbness in this one area of my chin. Today I started getting some tingling and a warm sensation on my chin, it is some what painful and uncomfortable, similar to what i had during week 1, but I don't mind too much as i was worried that this numbness would be permanent when nothing was happening for a week.
Opening my mouth - I can now open my mouth about 1 and a half fingers, before surgery it was 3 fingers so i'm halfway there :)
weight loss - With the change in diet i am now down almost 7 kg or 15lb, but i'm forcing myself to eat more now to try and increase my energy levels, and to try and stop myself loosing too much weight, I didn't plan on loosing much weight and my clothes are becoming a tad loose.
My smile is still a little off, but its looking pretty good:
swelling left is pretty minimal:
Before and after - Im pretty happy, My cheek bones are more visible now, but im not sure if this will change with the swelling. It might sound wierd, but I feel like my nose looks better now, more in proportion:


  1. Glad you're feeling better :) Looks like your swelling is nearly gone. What an amazing change in your profile! Makes me excited to have my surgery in March. Happy healing, hope your fatigue improves soon.

  2. Thank you! i am so happy with my profile, even though the change isn't very obvious in other ways, I always hated seeing my profile and for some reason it was this angle that all the photos would get, so its good enough for me :) Good luck for your surgery!