Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It is crazy how fast time has gone, it has already been 5 weeks! This week has been alright, i've had a few down moments but still feeling pretty good. This week I pushed myself to do more normal things and get back to normal, so I've been a little tired and on top of that my aunt came to stay a few days from interstate with my 2 year old cousin, who wakes up ridiculously early.

I have a few concerns with my jaw now,
1. being the fact that when I open my mouth my jaw tends to move off to one side.

2. I feel like my jaw is moving back a little, which I don't mind too much (it's only like half a mm), I felt a little weird with my jaw being so forward, I have an appointment with the surgeon in a week so i'll make sure there aren't any problems.  
3. I'm a bit worried about infection, I have gotten quite inflamed and sore on my left side, and I have gotten a red sore right at the back. i went to the doctors because I couldn't get into see the surgeon, and he said it didnt look too bad, just to get it checked out by the surgeon, and the orthodontist said the same thing, and to make sure that I was rinsing my mouth out with salt water.

I did go to the orthodontist this morning and he said that everything was going well, so the movement of my jaw obviously isn't bothering him. He changed the elastic arrangement and I now have alot more movement so I can now move my mouth more when I take which is always nice, I now only have 1 elastic on each side.

I have been looking at my bite lately and I can definately see that there is still some orthodontic work to do, my surgeon said that people usually get their braces off 3 -6 months after surgery and i definitely that ill need the 6 months.

Swelling/bruising- same
pain - I have experiences a bit more pain in my jaws this week and this has sort of sparked my fears of infection, this may also be due to me talking and chewing more.
numbness - i feel like my numbness hay be getting worse, but this is probably just me being paranoid. Although around my chin has been really sore, Its a sort of burning sensation, I feel like I have been laying out in the sun with only my chin exposed for 10 hours. I have been getting some shooting pains in my right side, it isnt too bad but I think this could be due to the numbness maybe wearing off.
Opening my mouth - It has gotten a little better I can almost fin 2 fingers, but my left side has been a little tight.
Weight - I have finally started to put some weight on I am now only down 6kg's
I'm starting to get a bit more used to my new smile, and to my chin, it feels a bit more normal now and not so huge

I tried to find some good pictures of before surgery, but Icouldnt really find any that didn't have my jaw pushed forward or from an odd angle, so this is the best that I could find, you can see that when I try to smile it looked really forces and I got dimples on my chin :) :

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  1. looks good huni! and your only 35 days post surgery!! well done on getting this far. Just think now that you have gone through the worst bit, the orthodontist can perfect it, so when the braces come off you will honestly be over the moon, and wont stop smiling! :) xxx